How MyVoice Works

MyVoice is an interactive text messaging poll that empowers young people (ages 14-24) to voice their opinion on the issues that are important to them.

Our team uses your responses to inform policymakers and community leaders in real-time about the needs and priorities of youth.

Participants get 2-5 questions via text message each week. All you have to do is text us back your opinions and thoughts.

You get $1 for completing each week’s poll via an Amazon gift card that is texted to you every 12 weeks. If you complete all 12 weeks, you get a $3 bonus! That is up to $15 every three months.

What do we ask about? We focus on health-related issues that are important to young people and also things like pop culture and current events! 

MyVoice asks youth to “Tell us what you really think!” to inform policy and practices today. Give us a try!

Student on phone at locker