Michigan Youth Health (MYHealth) is a research training program designed to introduce high school students in Southeast Michigan to health services research. The goal of the program is to increase interest and persistence toward research careers. We need to get feedback on the program curriculum, materials, and assessments to improve the program and make sure it is engaging for adolescents. We will then make changes to MYHealth based on what we learn. MYHealth is an IRB-approved study (HUM00210274) based at the University of Michigan. 

MYHealth is a Science Education Partnership Award funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and National Institutes of Health (R25GM137361).

What participants do:

Participants engage in a long-term (12 weeks in 2022) training program and research project. Each week, students will meet with the MYHealth team for 2-3 hours via Zoom where they will learn about research by seeing a project through from start to finish. Along the way, our team will ask you to answer questions on your thoughts about MYHealth and about how you feel about research.


What do participants research:

We want to know what you want to know! Research projects are designed by MYHealth students and can cover any topic that interests them. Once a topic is selected, students write survey questions aimed at youth which are delivered through MyVoice’s text messaging platform.

Study incentives:

Participants will be compensated $10 for the baseline survey and $30 for the follow-up survey and interview. The research training program will last 12 weeks. Participants will receive $30 for each week of the research training program that they complete. Participants will receive up to $400 total if they complete all study activities. 

Study Eligibility

You must be enrolled in high school or first-year college student living in Southeast Michigan. 

Signing Up

There is limited space in MYHealth Year 1 (starting March 2022). There will be future opportunities for rising 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students in MYHealth Year 2 (starting July 2022).

You can reach our study team at:

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