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Thank you for your interest in MyVoice, a national text message study of youth aged 14-24. We pose weekly questions to over 1,000 youth across the United States on salient health and health policy topics like Juul, climate change, mental health, sexual health, telemedicine, and tobacco laws.

We love sharing the words of our youth respondents on these topics as they continue to surprise, endear, and educate us with their sass, knowledge, candor, and eloquence. To help do this, we have created the MyVoice newsletter to share important youth opinions with researchers, physicians, community members, local, state, or national organizations, and other stakeholders invested in the wellbeing of youth.

The MyVoice newsletter will be sent to subscribed stakeholders a few times each year as data is collected, analyzed, and prepped for dissemination. Newsletters will cover a variety of topics recently posed to the MyVoice youth as well as highlighting team achievements and publications.

If you have any questions about the newsletter or MyVoice in general, please reach out to us at!

To get signed up to receive the MyVoice newsletters, please click here to complete the signup form. We look forward to sharing the thoughts and opinions of our youth respondents and the hard work of our MyVoice team with you soon!

We’d love to hear from you! Email, call or text us with your questions or comments!



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