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BTS: Behind the Scenes of MyVoice–We’re Named a Granicus Sucess Story

Granicus, one of the largest government technology service companies, has featured the MyVoice project as a “success story,” with an overview of how we are using Granicus products to launch our large-scale, ongoing text message surveys.

It’s the classic story: Researcher meets Technology. Within minutes, Researcher knows that it’s the one 😍💻 . They form a mutually beneficial relationship that allows Researcher to live out their purpose: Giving voice to adolescents across the nation through simple-yet-relevant text-message discussions on issues like healthcare and student debt.

You can read the piece from Granicus about MyVoice here.

Granicus provides some of the core technology that MyVoice uses to deliver text message polls each week. Its Interactive Text platform, which we affectionately refer to as Textizen, has been an indispensable tool that enables us to connect to all of you, our community of over 1,000 participants across the United States. Thanks Textizen, for your reliable cloud-bases services! Exportable spreadsheets! Lack of support for emojis (we’re still holding out for this feature)!


screenshot of textizen with caption BTS: behind the scenes of myvoice
We use Textizen to send you surveys each week. Texizen is a product of Granicus, who featured us as a “success story.”


Did you see us at MakerFaire Detroit?

two myvoice team members wearing their shirts
Andre and Ali, MyVoice team members, at Live on Washington in Ann Arbor, Michigan


MyVoice has been making appearances at summer festivals across Michigan this summer. We’re spreading the word about the research and signing people up to participate.  The picture below is from Makerfaire Detroit, which was so much fun! We had our spinning wheel of prizes and postcards for folks to write to their state and national senators and congresspeople.


We met a ton of new MyVoicers at Live on Washington, an outdoor music festival, organized by the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, MI.



Hope you’re having a great summer ☀️⛱!

Signal Boost: MyVoice accepted to national research conference

We just heard good news that ALL FOUR MyVoice research presentations submitted to a national research conference were accepted. This means that the MyVoice team will be traveling to Montreal, Quebec this November to share some of the most interesting and impactful initial findings from the MyVoice research.

Here’s what we’ll be presenting at NAPCRG, a conference of over 900 primary care and health researchers from across North America.

Many thanks and congrats to team members Lauren, Melissa, Andre, Arrice, Christine, Noah, Christina, Vinod, Missy, and Tammy, whose work will be shared with the over 900 researchers attending the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) annual meeting on November 17-21, 2017 in Montreal.

We couldn’t have done it without the over 1,000 MyVoicers who pick up their phones and choose to share their thoughts and opinions with us every week! Thank you!!


MCubed Grant Funding

mcubed-logoMyVoice received its first grant from MCubed! MCubed is an innovative research program run through University of Michigan that distributes real-time seed funding to collaborative, faculty-led teams. Because the MyVoice team is so multi-disciplinary, this was a perfect fit! Kendrin Sonneville, Michelle Moniz, and Tammy Chang are all co-principal investigators on this grant.  This funding will help MyVoice get off the ground and apply for larger grants in the future. For more information about this program visit the MCubed info page.