From predicting the next president to deciding the products sold in major stores, public opinion polling is a powerful tool to capture societal trends, values, and behaviors. This month, MyVoice leader Tammy Chang travelled to the premiere conference for public opinion pollsters, the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) national meeting, to share MyVoice’s unique approach to understanding and advocating for youth voice.

The conference brought together a wide diverse of public opinion research practitioners, from journalism, federal and state organizations, academia, and private industries. MyVoice is unique in its capacity to bridge industries for public good.

Grounded in the infrastructure of a rigorous, academic research powerhouse at the University of Michigan, MyVoice runs with nimble technology and novel methods. We are able to partner with industries and organizations to provide meaningful knowledge for decision-making and the design of youth-centered policies, products, and services.

Dr. Chang’s presentation was entitled, “Engaging Youth in a Longitudinal Text Message Survey: Implications for Research and Practice.”

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