Research: Methodology AKA How MyVoice Works

Methodology aka how myvoice worksWe present at academic research and professional health association conferences around the world, and people often ask us: How do you do xyz? Whether it’s how we recruit youth to participate, how we deploy our surveys, or how we find the time and resources to analyze our massive qualitative data sets. In order to fill people in, we’ve published a protocol paper that outlines how MyVoice works, the methodology behind the project, and initial tips on how to launch and sustain a project like MyVoice–which believes in participant empowerment, cross-industry communication, representative sampling, technology-enabled participation, and what we’ve defined in the paper as “strategic science.”

You can read and republish this press release about the paper and MyVoice’s unique approach to conducting adolescent health and wellbeing research and download the full-text paper here.

Team Lead/Lead Author: Melissa DeJonckheere, PhD

Paper Citation: Dejonckheere M, Nichols LP, Moniz MH, et al. MyVoice National Text Message Survey of Youth Aged 14 to 24 Years: Study Protocol. JMIR Research Protocols. 2017;6(12). doi: 10.2196/resprot.8502.