Members of the MyVoice team are in Seattle this week, presenting at the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) annual meeting. The conference brings together adolescent health professionals from around the world. MyVoice is there to share youth perspectives on topics like: transgender bathroom laws, sleep issues, how clinicians discuss weight issues with adolescent patients, and confidentiality in communications between doctors and adolescent patients.

You can read more on our data+people-driven approach to amplifying youth voice in our December 2017 protocol paper, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Presentations at SAMH will touch on our unique methodology, which combines the efficiency of natural language processing and artificial intelligence with the magic of lean, interprofessional, team-based coding and analysis.

The research presented reflects the collaborative efforts of our diverse MyVoice team, which includes clinician scientists, computer programmers, interaction and user experience designers, social science researchers, medical students, residents, undergraduates, and high schoolers. Several of the presented works were led by medical trainees, under the mentorship of our senior investigators.

The abstracts of the four MyVoice presentations were published in the February 2018 supplemental issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health (open access). See below for details:







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