Here at MyVoice, we ask youth a LOT of questions! With 118 surveys and counting, we cover a large variety of topics–from health and politics, to relationships and growing up. Of all the issues MyVoicers discussion, there’s one that y’all consistently ask to cover more, and it’s:

Mental health.

It’s for that reason that we decided to focus on the topic of mental health care for a new initiative–MyVoice Video Shorts. Our goal is to produce quick (no-budget) videos where you hear from members of the MyVoice research team as they discuss and digest what youth are saying on a given topic. If you have suggestions for video production ideas or have special requests, please reach out to our team at

Here is Arrice, a MyVoice investigator, highlighting some youth opinions on mental health care:


Here are the questions we asked youth:

• “How would you know when to seek help for an emotional or mental health concern?”

• “Who would you want to talk to about it? And Why”

• “What are the reasons that people your age might not seek care for emotional or mental health concerns?”

• “What’s one thing that could improve mental health for people your age?”


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