It’s 2019 and we’re reflecting on all that you’ve taught us this past year. From your time spent gaming, your reflections on growing up, to your opinions on tobacco laws, binge drinking, and body positivity, you’ve opened your minds to our questions and shared what you really think. From the MyVoice team, we want to say thank you!!

A new session of MyVoice surveys will be starting later this month. In the meantime, here are some news outlets (60+ and counting) that have featured your actual quotes and voices on the issue of gun regulation. In this new year, MyVoice is more fired up than ever! Ready to bring your thoughts and experiences to the legislators and decision makers shaping the health, happiness, and futures of youth.

headlines in the news featuring myvoice paper on gun legislation

BuzzFeed News



University of Michigan News



Physician’s Weekly

The Week

Business Insider

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