Writers Theater in Glencoe, Chicago, IL

Image Credit: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing

MyVoice performed on stage at Chicago’s Writers Theater with college students from the University of Michigan, in an experimental approach to sharing our research and mission. There were Dear Evan Hansen songs! Spotlights! Set pieces from the 1970s! And MyVoice researchers, Tammy and Kendrin, explaining how MyVoice bridges the gap between youth experiences and policy decisions, using our text message polling platform.

Tammy Chang (left) and Kendrin Sonneville (right) bring MyVoice to the Glencoe Writers Theater 

Kendrin Sonneville and James Harbaugh Jr

MyVoice researcher Kendrin Sonneville (left) and Michigan student and co-director, James Harbaugh Jr

The performance was produced by University of Michigan students, including James Harbaugh Jr, theater major and the namesake of Michigan football famed football coach. The event was hosted by the University of Michigan Victors for Michigan Chicago Campaign Leadership Council and MCubed.

According to the sponsors, the dynamic performance was held to “speak to the complex and deeply-rooted issues facing today’s youth and address how U-M is transforming its research into policy change in critical areas, such as opioid addiction, gun violence, and mental health.”

Tammy Chang, a family physician and health services researcher, took the stage to share the story of MyVoice.  “My favorite part was having the opportunity to share what MyVoicers have told us through our surveys with influential adults who may have the power to make youths’ lives better,” Tammy shared.

“I also love to surprise adults with how engaged, insightful, and thoughtful youth are, especially since many adults may think youth are disengaged or don’t care about important issues.  We know that that is just not true. MyVoicers have a lot to teach us!”

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