Granicus, one of the largest government technology service companies, has featured the MyVoice project as a “success story,” with an overview of how we are using Granicus products to launch our large-scale, ongoing text message surveys.

It’s the classic story: Researcher meets Technology. Within minutes, Researcher knows that it’s the one 😍💻 . They form a mutually beneficial relationship that allows Researcher to live out their purpose: Giving voice to adolescents across the nation through simple-yet-relevant text-message discussions on issues like healthcare and student debt.

You can read the piece from Granicus about MyVoice here.

Granicus provides some of the core technology that MyVoice uses to deliver text message polls each week. Its Interactive Text platform, which we affectionately refer to as Textizen, has been an indispensable tool that enables us to connect to all of you, our community of over 1,000 participants across the United States. Thanks Textizen, for your reliable cloud-bases services! Exportable spreadsheets! Lack of support for emojis (we’re still holding out for this feature)!


screenshot of textizen with caption BTS: behind the scenes of myvoice

We use Textizen to send you surveys each week. Texizen is a product of Granicus, who featured us as a “success story.”


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