Presentations and Publications

Youth Trust in Social Media Companies and Expectations of Justice: Accountability and Repair After Online Harassment

Schoenebeck S, Scott CF, Hurley EG, Chang T, Selkie E. Youth Trust in Social Media Companies and Expectations of Justice. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction. 2021;5(CSCW1):1-18. doi:10.1145/3449076.


The Social Media CAGE: A Rapid Assessment of Problematic Social Media Use Among Youth

North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois (Oral). November 10, 2018.


Teens say social media is stressing them out. Here's how to help them

MyVoice research featured on NPR’s All Things Considered. May 2023.

Attitude Around Sexting Among Youth: A National Text Message Survey

Chaudhry KA, Bartholomew CP, Miller AL, Sonneville KR, Leonard KC, Miller SE, Guo Y, Nichols LP, Chang T. Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. March 2019.

Youth Insight About Social Media Effects on Well/Ill-Being and Self-Modulating Efforts

Harness J, Fitzgerald K, Sullivan H, Selkie E. J of Adolescent Health. June 2023.

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