In a new publication in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, MyVoice faculty describe the benefits of using natural language processing (NLP) technologies to conduct mixed methods research. The paper uses the MyVoice project as real-world evidence that NLP is a powerful tool that allows investigators to expedite the research process while maintaining scientific integrity. The authors note that these improvements are especially important in times of emergencies, as evident throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They write, “Insights derived from qualitative data are necessary to create effective policies and recommendations to protect and care for all people.” While NLP technology is in widespread use in the private sector, the authors argue that the technology is dramatically under-utilized in the research sector and, in particular, by mixed-methods researchers analyzing large volumes of text data. In the paper, the authors provide an overview of how NLP has been used for other research initiatives and provide suggestions for further application, using the MyVoice project as a real-world example. You can read the full paper at the Journal of Mixed Methods Research.

Chang T, DeJonckheere M, Vydiswaran VGV, Li J, Buis LR, Guetterman TC. Accelerating Mixed Methods Research With Natural Language Processing of Big Text Data. Journal of Mixed Methods Research. 2021;15(3):398-412. doi:10.1177/15586898211021196


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