2020 has been a lot. Current events have rearranged our lives, reworked our priorities, and reenergized our visions for a better future for youth in America. We wanted to share our 2020 Annual report, which covers much of the work that we’ve been doing behind the scenes and on center stage in national discussions on youth health and wellbeing. The web-based report covers MyVoice highlights from roughly July 2019 to June 2020. In the report, you can see a snapshot of MyVoice’s national coalition of engaged youth, where they from (all 50 states, representing nearly 1000 different zip codes across the United States) and who they are (too amazing to summarize here, see for yourself). The report shares a collection of our 2019-2020 publications, presentations, and collaborations. All together, we hope you’ll begin to see how MyVoice is working to bring youth voice to local and national leaders in medicine, education, law, and youth advocacy. We believe youth are the experts of their own experience!

Check out the report, and browse our 2019, and 2018 reports while you’re there. Thank you to all of our local and national partnerships, to the youth who work on our team, and to our network of experts and advocates for realizing our vision. And to the 1,100+ youth out there who respond to our “Hey it’s MyVoice” text messages each week, thank you! We hear you!

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