MyVoice presentation from Ivana Khreizat
Ivana Khreizat, undergraduate at the University of Michigan, presented her MyVoice research project at STFM 2019 conference. Her poster was titled “Youths’ Perceptions of Nutritional Information on Menus:
A National Mixed Methods Survey.”

MyVoice member Ivana represented the team at the national conference of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) in Toronto this month. Ivana conducted research on youth perceptions of the nutritional information provided on restaurant and fast food menus.

We asked MyVoicers, youth age 14 to 24 from across the country, the following questions:

We want to hear your thoughts about nutrition information on menus. What information do you notice is listed and where?

Have you found this information useful when deciding what to eat or drink? Tell us more!

If you could choose what nutrition information was listed, what would you like to see?

Ivana and the MyVoice team analyzed the data into qualitative themes–one of which was: While the majority of youth found calorie and nutritional labeling on menus helpful, many youth also want to see more detailed nutrition information, in order to inform their eating decisions. For example, a 14-year old MyVoicer said “I don’t really pay attention to calories because its the amount of sugar you consume that creates the fat.”

  • 38% wanted to see macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats)
  • 29% wanted to see the sugar content on menu labels
  • 16% wanted to see the ingredients on menu labels

Ivana Khreizat is college junior and a participant in the . She started working on the MyVoice team during her sophomore year as participant in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. She has continued on to contribute to several research projects and strategic directions in MyVoice. This was Ivana’s first national presentation (and we are her biggest fan). Go Ivana!

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